As Handsome Does, 2012

Idiot's Delight, 2012

Come to Call, 2012

Yearn, 2012

Greater Than, 2012

All Falls Down, 2012

Exceed, 2012

Heavy is the Head, 2012

A Pause, A Sigh, 2012

“Idiot’s Delight”
“Idiot’s Delight” is about commercial consumption and desire that it inspires. In juxtaposing the still life genre alongside modern-day action figures, the photographs reference historical painting as well as digital media. Through the careful consideration of color, surface, and space, every image depicts a sterilized universe of fantasy while also representing estrangement from the sensual world. At the same time the pictures are meant to be humorous, reflecting our self-imposed isolation in an age when pornography of all kinds is so readily available to serve as “comfort food."